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How Much God Loves You: What the Devil Does Not Want You to Realize

When I first got saved, the enemy attacked my mind. “God doesn’t love you. He may love everyone but not you.” The sad part is, I believed it. I remember sitting on the floor of my prayer room (aka a tiny walk-in closet) crying. For a while, this is what I thought was true: God doesn't love me; I am insignificant.

But I persist. I continue to read Scripture and keep doing what I was doing. I got to the point where I did believe God loved me.

And I experienced firsthand that the lies of the enemy are just that– lies.

One of the things Satan doesn’t want you to know is how much God loves you. If he can’t prevent you from accepting Jesus he then attacks you and will try to make you doubt God. In my case, it was doubting God's love for me. Maybe you've been there too. Or you’re going through something similar.

If you go back to Genesis, doubting God's Word was the first scheme of the enemy in the garden of Eden.

The thing is you need to read the Bible. From the very beginning, it has always been about God’s love for His people. And He loves you so much. Yes, you.

Why Does God Love Us?

Have you ever asked God why or if He loves you? If you have, you are not the only one. It’s human for us to ask these kinds of questions. Even Job asks, “What is man, that you make so much of him, and that you set your heart on him…”

I’m right there with him. Like, who even are we? Why does God still care for us?

Let’s go back to the early days of mankind. There is a point where God regrets creating people (Genesis 6:6). Now, I don’t know about you but that stings, doesn’t it? God regrets making us. I mean time and time again we fail Him. I understand the regret.

He could have destroyed us– wiped the earth clean of us. But He didn’t. Why? Because He commits to us through the covenant He made with His people. If you don’t know, a covenant is an agreement or a promise. And God does not break promises because lying is not in His nature (Numbers 23:19).

God is faithful and because of this commitment, God will always make a way for us. He will always deliver us from trouble because He loves us. As if His love for us wasn’t enough He went on and did something big.

How Big Is God’s Love For You?

As Max Lucado puts it: “There is no way our little minds can comprehend the love of God. But that didn’t keep him from coming. From the cradle in Bethlehem to the cross in Jerusalem, we’ve pondered the love of our Father. What can you say to that kind of emotion? Upon learning that God would rather die than live without you, how would you react? How can you begin to explain such passion?”

To get an idea of how big God’s love for you– this passion, is by looking at Jesus. God became flesh to be with His people– up close and personal. How insane is that? And what He had to go through leading up to the cross is nothing short of love. This is true love.

God loves you enough to die on the cross and bear your sins.

Why? A few reasons: so that you can be forgiven (without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins, Hebrews 9:22). So that you can have life in Him (John 10:10). And to tear the veil between you and God (Matthew 27:51).

That’s heavy, isn’t it? There's plenty more to say, but all in all, God displayed His love for you and everyone else on the cross.

Does God Love Everyone?

God is not like people that He should pick and choose favorites. Love you one day and dislike you another. Christians and non-Christians can both prosper and struggle.

Matthew 5:45 says, “He causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.”

Though He treats us all the same in a general sense, He does show favor to those who do His will and obey Him. These bring more incredible blessings to the believer than the unbeliever. And even better: an eternal reward in heaven.

In a broader sense, the answer is quite simple: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” God sacrificed His son for us.

Christ is the gift of salvation to the world. So yes, God does love everyone. All we have to do is accept this gift.

Don’t Question God’s Love for you Anymore

Let me spare you further hurt if you are in the middle of feeling doubts about God’s love for you. God loves you. There is peace and comfort in accepting this. If you don’t take my word for it take His.

Can I encourage you to keep pressing on if you are going through a season of questioning God?

Don't believe the lies of the devil. Whether it’s about the love of God, His goodness, etc… You will find these lies contradict with Scripture. Let’s not entertain these lies anymore.

Believer, God loves you. Don’t question it any longer.


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