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The Conversation That Gave Me the Courage to Finally Quit My Full-Time Job And Go All In For God

Updated: May 10, 2022

March 14th of 2022 is when I left my full-time job for good. It was the plan from almost two years ago. God had laid it on my heart to leave for the longest time. I know I am to go all-in for Him. But I was hesitant.

Knowing what I had to do I couldn’t bring myself to do it. There were always excuses. In particular, saving enough money to survive a couple of months without a steady income. It was always, “let me get a little more saved.”

That went on for over a year.

Things changed after a much-needed conversation.

Why I should have quit a long time ago

I tried to balance a full-time job, writing, creating content, friends/family, and more. I was too tired to commit to things and my schedule was never consistent. I tried to make it work but it often resulted in sloppiness. I needed to quit my job.

And I did.

As I mentioned before, I was hesitant. I would often get confirmations or “signs” that it was time to leave my job. But my excuse was always the same.

But having a talk with a relative pushed me to do it.

The Conversation

Fourteen days before I put in my two-weeks notice I had a talk with a wise family member. She asked me how work was going. I didn’t give a positive response. I opened up to her.

I told her I had things I wanted to do but can’t, because of my job. And my concern about not having enough money to sustain myself.

To make it brief, she told me this:

Don’t let time pass by. If there’s something you want to do, do it. Before you know it years will pass by and you’ll be stuck in the same place. You’re young and don’t have anything holding you back. And If you’re worried about money God will provide for you.

She’s right.

And the thought of staying at my job for another year was unsettling. Do I want to be there for the next couple of years, or months? Absolutely not.

This was a leap-of-faith situation I'm put in.

Once I decided I was going to do it, I had someone pray about it. As this person prayed over me, I felt warmth and such peace. I knew I was on the right track.

Don’t Wait as Long as I Did

That conversation changed the course of my life. Right now, I am in a season of sowing. I have so many ideas and projects in mind I’d like to make happen. All to further God's Kingdom.

I’ll be working hard to make this work and rely on God’s help. Because I cannot do it without Him.

(I will appreciate your prayers too)

If you feel God has laid something in your heart explore it. Consult with Him, seek biblical counsel, and wait for confirmation about it. Then, make it happen. Don’t wait as long as I did.

Obedience is key.

You could be missing out on something big God has for you. You could be moving one step closer to His calling/purpose for you. Yes, you have a purpose on this earth. Seek God and you will find it.

I know I’m now stepping into this. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me.


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