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How The Name of This Blog Came To Be.

I want to share how I came up with the name of this blog. It's a little insight into how God works in the littlest ways yet it is so impactful.

When it seems it all began.

Starting in late 2018, God put it on my heart to start a blog (as mentioned on the about page). It was an off-and-on project throughout the next couple of years. I gathered as much information as I could and fuelled my mind with blogging knowledge.

One of the things I worked on was the name of the blog. My mind was set on “Heart of Valor.” It was on the website I was working on at the time and even had it on email. I set everything up with the intention of using “Heart of Valor” as the name. How did I come up with that? Honestly, I have no idea. I think I just liked how it sounded.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after the fact I decided to google it. And to my disappointment, there was a book with that name and some type of club/organization. So it was a hard no. But a blessing in disguise.

At one point, I decided to look through old journal entries for inspiration. It didn't take long to come across something useful.

In retrospect, I see God was preparing me long before I had any idea of what He had planned for me.

When it actually began.

This journal entry goes back to 2017. One morning I woke up to a song stuck in my head. The song was Blameless by Dara McClean.

(That's not how I got the name but keep reading)

I remember I hadn’t heard that song in years. And yet, I woke up to it playing in my head that morning.

(It gets better.)

So when I wake up I pray and dive straight into the Word. I pick up on Psalms 101. In verse two it says, “I ponder the way that is blameless.” The song title I woke up to was in the chapter I read that same morning!

This was my journal entry:

“As I awoke this morning God put a song in me called ‘Blameless’ knowing I would read about it. ‘We believe we’re everything you say we are.’ God called me blameless and I believe it. I may doubt myself as a person and even as a Christian filled with faults and mistakes. But God says I’m blameless. I will walk with integrity. I will do what is good in God’s name.”

After reading that I knew this was it. This was to be in the name of the blog. And I went through several ideas. Such as “The Blameless Path,” “The Blameless Walk,” “Living Blamelessly.”

God works ahead for us.

I knew The Blameless Life was to be the name. But before I was fixed on it I googled it and found nothing! It was a good sign. I'm certain God saved that name for me!

Ever since the name was decided, I realized the word blameless shows up frequently in the bible- New and Old Testament. I had never noticed it before.

So this is how I came up with the name for this blog. God is so faithful. To me, this is a small example of how God works ahead of time. Long before we know what He has planned for us.

If you haven’t read the previous blog post on what it means to be blameless you can click here.

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Hey there, I'm Brisa- the creator of The Blameless Life. One of the reasons I made this blog site is because I've always looked for a certain type of faith-based blog. I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I made that blog myself. God laid it on my heart for some time and it has become a reality. I hope it will encourage you.

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