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Marked Ministry Contributor: What I Learned About Purity and 3 of My Favorite Posts

In early 2022, I joined to write for an online magazine, Marked Ministry. Their theme is the subject of purity. The basis of this ministry is 1 Thessalonians 4:7, "For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness." Most people roll their eyes about this topic because of its negative misconceptions.

One of the things I learned about purity is that it is a broad subject- not just about sex as most assume. I was one of those people who believed that. Purity relates to many different areas, such as relationships, lifestyle, and even food. Purity is seeking holiness. As a contributor for MM, this year taught me to see the bigger picture of purity.

If you came to read about purity as it pertains to sex you came to the wrong post. And you might not be the only one. But I hope you are willing to read about different aspects and perspectives of purity. Below I share three of my favorite articles that I wrote. Each is about a different subject of purity.

#1 Purity Reframed: God’s View of Cleanliness

Purity is a broad subject. It is an umbrella and beneath that, you can find cleanliness and sexuality. It can even be associated with food. But most of these, if not all, are emphasized in the Old Testament. God was big on purity.

These days, purity is not so much discussed in terms of cleanliness or in sustenance as it is with sexuality. So what does God say about the former two in the New Testament? How does it relate to us today in the New Covenant?

#2 Re-Writing the Misconception of Singleness

“It is well known that church people often marry young–the early twenties or before in some cases. But what about those who have passed their mid-twenties and into their mid-thirties and beyond and are still unmarried?

If a person has been single for a long time people may associate them with negative perceptions. This is where the misconceptions come in…

…But could it be possible that a single person can choose to be single? Could it be possible God may have called someone to remain single?”

#3 How To Re-Acquaint with God Coming Out of a Season of Impurity

“There may have been a time when you were living for Jesus. You were on fire for God. You went to church every Sunday. Read your Bible every day. You lived out your faith. You did everything you should have as a believer.

But something changed.

You stopped doing all those things a Christian is supposed to do. How did this happen? God took something away from you and you are angry at Him. You hung out with the wrong people and were led astray. You got hurt and questioned why God allowed it. Whatever the reason, you want nothing to do with the Bible, church, or God.”

I am honored to have been able to be a part of this ministry. Editor-in-Chief Sarah and the rest of the team do an amazing job at working on this online ministry. There are contributors and readers from all over the world. I encourage you to check out Marked Ministry and read from the other writers. Happy reading!


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