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Stop Doing This When You Talk to a Person of the Islam Faith & One Thing You Must Be at All Times

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

If you are out in society- working, shopping, attending events, etc… you are more than likely to come across people of various religions. We do live in a country of religious freedom. This doesn’t only pertain to Christians but every other religion as well.

As a Christian, are you prepared to evangelize to those people? Are you prepared to preach the Gospel to a Muslim? I’ll tell you something I wasn’t. And I can tell you something else I’m still not prepared. But I’m learning and I’m open to keep learning.

I’m not ready to tell you how to evangelize to a person of Islam yet. I'm still trying to figure it out. But I can tell you what you should not do.


A few months ago, I befriended a Muslim friend online. We chat back and forth about different topics getting to know each other as most acquaintances begin. I could tell by the name that this new friend is from the middle east. So I say, “I assume you are Muslim?” This person confirmed and then asked if I was a Christian. I, too, confirm my faith.

Then this is asked to me…

“So do you believe that Jesus is the son of God?” “Yes, I do,” is my reply along with a shortened version of the Gospel. The lengthy response this person gives me is to assure me that this is not true. To end this part of the conversation I say, “Thank you for sharing your faith with me.” The feeling is mutual. But this is not the end.

Don’t Throw Your Pearls

This is a debate, mind you, not a discussion. There is one point where I feel it getting heated. I have to ask, “Are you angry?” The response is a no. I admit there were times I get defensive. I was dedicated to defending Jesus.

I tell a Christian friend about what’s going on and she suggests that I stop replying with Bible verses. At first, I was confused. Why can’t I do that? Before I can ask she refers to Matthew 7:6. Which says, “Do not give dogs what is holy, do not throw your pearls before pigs lest they trample them underfoot and attack you.”

Not that she’s calling someone a dog or a pig but is saying God’s Word is precious and valuable. Do not let it go to waste on someone who is not appreciating it. And also that I should wait for others to hunger for the Word. This allowed me to step back and assess what I’ve been doing.

What Not to Do

From this short experience, I learned. Don’t…

  • Retaliate

  • Argue

  • Be Jesus' lawyer

  • Get offended

  • Give long elaborate responses

  • Waste God’s Word if it is unappreciated

Patience is Key

For their whole lives, Muslims are taught to believe everything told to them about the Quran. They believe that their book is straight from Allah. It is the real book and the Bible, according to them, is corrupt.

I try to put myself in their place and understand them. Let me give you an example someone gave me that will help you understand too.

Imagine your entire life you’ve been told this chair is blue. Everyone around accepts it as blue. Everyone talks about it being blue. And anyone who says otherwise is wrong and deceived. Don’t listen to them. This chair can only be blue. Then someone comes along and tells you, “No, that chair is red.” What would you do? Get defensive? Tell them they are wrong?

Muslims are adamant to teach their families that Islam is the true religion. And there are serious consequences if you leave the faith. So, imagine what could be at stake to walk away from it or change religion. Even more so when you live in a Muslim nation. It cannot be easy. Islam is all they know. You must be patient. You must be this at all times.

God Loves Muslims

I knew very little about the Islam faith prior. This new friendship has given me the opportunity to learn more about it. Not only from a Muslim but from doing my own personal research as well. From what I’ve gathered Islam, for the most part, is contradictory to what the Bible says. Although there are some similarities.

You have to look at Muslims the way God sees them. He loves them and wants them to be saved. It is not your job to get them saved. Only to present the Gospel to them, live by example, and most importantly pray for them.

Hopefully one day soon I’ll write about how to evangelize to a Muslim. Until then, I will be learning. Also, if you have any advice for me or for readers write it down in the comment section below.


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